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Community Outreach


WHERE: At the church

WHEN: Scheduled Dates


Please check our calendar for date and time.


Relevant Studies To Help Women Grow In Christ


WHERE: Different Locations

WHEN: Scheduled Dates


Includes fellowship & snacks

Sue & Bob Brown

I was saved in my 20's but didn't go to church or grow in my faith.  I started attending a church with my sister, but it was big and I found it hard to connect with people.  I asked my son in Colorado Springs to pray for me that I might find a church to attend.  Two weeks later he called and said a pastor and family from Heartland Baptist Church in Antioch, IL (HBC) was on vacation and suddenly had a last-minute schedule change and decided to visit his church there in Colorado Springs.  Upon meeting my son at church and learning of us, they invited him to bring us with him to HBC on his next visit to Illinois.  The next month, on my son's visit, we went to HBC, only ten minutes from my home.  It was the most loving and friendly church I had ever been in.  It's now been ten years and I've grown so much through the Sunday School, Church Sermons, and Bible Study.  My husband came to know the Lord as his personal Savior and the Lord has humbled him and sweetened our marriage.

I truly believe that God led me to this church from a thousand miles away, He knew exactly what we needed.  Please join us at this loving and caring church, you won't be disappointed.



We've discovered something worth sharing with you.  As we all grow older, we are made aware of how vitally important our marriage, family, and our future is.  We daily need wisdom, love and strength beyond our own capacities.  Because of this, we've found it important to set aside time each week to worship God and learn from His Word, the Bible.  We welcome you to come & share in the joy that we've found in Jesus Christ. 



- Pastor Aaron Barrett