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Community Outreach


WHERE: At the church

WHEN: Scheduled Dates


Please check our calendar for date and time.


Relevant Studies To Help Women Grow In Christ


WHERE: Different Locations

WHEN: Scheduled Dates


Includes fellowship & snacks

Jim & Peggy Burk of Round Lake Beach, IL


We want to extend to you a personal invitation to our church.  Our family has been attending since January 2000.  We were invited through a friend of a friend and I will never forget the first Sunday I attended.  I was alone and knew no one, but when I walked in they treated me like they had known me forever.  There were handshakes, lots of loving smiles and during the service all I could think of was how much these people loved God...truly love God.  I felt like a part of a special family.  God is blessing our church.  If you aren't going anywhere at the present or just feel that your missing something, please take a Sunday and come visit us and get your warm handshakes, loving smiles, and great sermon.  We would love to see you!


Rick & Sabrina Drochak of Lakemoor, IL


My wife and I had grown up in families that believed in God but never really were dedicated to church. They were good parents and taught us good values such as: respecting others; don't lie or steal; be honest; etc. But as teenagers confronted with family problems and bad influences from the wrong crowd, we rebelled, living our lives as we wanted to. Our philosophy became "If it feels good do it" and we did, falling into drugs and alcohol. A daughter was born to us while still in our teens and life started to catch up with us fast. We rarely attended church except during tough times in our relastionship or with our finances. We always felt guilty about the lifestyle we were living. On Feb.21, 2008 we gave up and gave in to Jesus Christ when we realized that we didn't have to attempt to change ourselves, God would accept us just as we were and so that evening we gave our hearts to Jesus. Our lives and marriage have never been better as we grow closer to Christ. We invite you to visit our church to learn more about God's love.


Tina Schmadebeck of Paddock Lake, Wisconsin


Before my life in Christ I had no meaning or direction in my life.  I was only in church about four times during my childhood.  Searching for love I lived most of my youth on the run, from house to house.  I met my husband, had two precious boys but still felt empty inside not knowing what the meaning of life was.  One day I met a wonderful lady who shared the Gospel of Christ with me and then I knew for the first time what my life was supposed to be.  My whole life has changed since I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus as my Savior.  The Lord saved me by His grace on July 1st, 2002.  Now I know what REAL Love is!  Heartland Baptist Church has become my new family.  I thank God for leading me here where the pastor truly loves the Lord and with the Bible, will lead me and my family in Truth.



We've discovered something worth sharing with you.  As we all grow older, we are made aware of how vitally important our marriage, family, and our future is.  We daily need wisdom, love and strength beyond our own capacities.  Because of this, we've found it important to set aside time each week to worship God and learn from His Word, the Bible.  We welcome you to come & share in the joy that we've found in Jesus Christ. 



- Pastor Aaron Barrett