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We've discovered something worth sharing with you.  As we all grow older, we are made aware of how vitally important our marriage, family, and our future is.  We daily need wisdom, love and strength beyond our own capacities.  Because of this, we've found it important to set aside time each week to worship God and learn from His Word, the Bible.  We welcome you to come & share in the joy that we've found in Jesus Christ. 

- Pastor Aaron Barrett

About our Pastor:


Pastor Aaron Barrett grew up in a wonderful, Christian home and accepted Christ into his life at the age of 15. He soon thereafter surrendered to preach and graduated from Fellowship Baptist College in East Peoria, IL. Pastor met his wife Sheila there and were married in 1984. They have 7 children and currently have 9 grandchildren. 

Heartland Baptist Church was started under the leadership of Pastor Aaron and Pastor Mike Bragdon, with the authority from "1st Missionary Baptist Church" (now "Lighthouse Baptist Church"), of Elgin, IL. Pastor Aaron has served as it's only Pastor since organized in 2002. God has blessed through the years with a wonderful church family. Pastor would like to extend an invitation to you to worship with us!

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